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Our Values


"Valley Bros makes the highest quality CBD, their shirts are equally awesome. I give my dogs CBD regularly and double up during high anxiety times like fireworks season and it helps so much. Additionally, I have multiple apparel items and they're all top of the line. I've run into a couple of other Valley Bros fans walking around in my shirt, it was cool being a part of the community."


"I've tried many other CBD brands on the market and none have compared. Their CBD is of high quality and high potency, something that I need for anxiety and pain. The tinctures are great for dropping into my coffee, tea, etc., and the capsules are perfect for traveling. I am beyond happy with the service and quality of Valley Bros' products and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for hemp-derived CBD."


"I cannot praise the quality and effectiveness of their products enough!!!


"It helps me sleep so good. Menopause has caused the occasional anxiety attack and it helps to make it go away. Also, Meeko has seizures and if we give him some of the pet drops, he comes right out of it. It’s such a relief because those get scary."


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We know these times are tough. With many options for CBD products we are so glad you are here. Take a moment to take a deep breath. You are right where you need to be.

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