Our Story

Our Story

Valley Bros Hemp Co is a boutique, family-owned, indoor hemp farm focusing on bringing exotic and flavorful terpene profiles to the hemp industry.


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Meet The Farmers

Robert and Amorette, both native Texans, have over six years of experience cultivating in the medical and recreational markets of Colorado, Oregon, and California. Their small family-owned business began in Oregon in 2018, inspired by the majestic mountains, lush forests, and sacred valleys that can only be found in the pacific northwest. Starting off by producing high-CBD tinctures for their family and friends who were experiencing health issues such as pain, cancer, PTSD, and epilepsy. Now, solely focusing on producing premium, terpene-rich, indoor hemp flower at their facility based in Conroe, TX. They strive to bring the highest quality standards and practices to the Texas hemp industry. 

All hemp is 2018 Farm Bill compliant and contains less than .3%D9THC. 


Our Mission

We strive to bring exotic and flavorful terpene profiles to the hemp industry. 


What makes us stand out?

  • Our Technique- We cultivate terpene-rich buds from hand-selected cultivars and varieties.
  • Indoor-Grown- We have a controlled environment and utilize drip irrigation to conserve water and create consistency.
  • No Chemical Pesticides- Our garden is powered by premium nutrients.
  • Perpetual Year-Round Cultivation- We always have fresh flowers coming down.
  • Consistent Product- Hand-trimmed and properly cured to perfection.
  • New Flavor Profiles- We strive to bring exotic terpene profiles to the hemp space.


    Our Values:

    • Quality- As experienced cannabis and hemp cultivators, we aim to provide the highest quality and flavorful hemp flower on the market. Always third-party lab tested, free from harsh chemicals and hand-trimmed.
    • Consistency- We aim to provide a consistent product for our customers with close attention to detail.
    • Sustainability- In order to reduce excess waste and plastics from our environment, we like to keep our packaging simple and minimal. We also reuse and recycle what we can in the garden and use drip irrigation to conserve water.
    • Community- Your family is our family. We started this business by creating products for our own family members who were experiencing health issues and that's what we continue to do today. Helping others heal with the powerful plant medicine.
    • Collaboration- We work together with other farmers in the industry.
    • Advocacy- We continue to fight for decriminalization and legalization of the cannabis and hemp plant.

    Our Team:


    Robert Elder, Founder, CEO & Head Cultivator

    Robert, founder, and an award-winning grower, has extensive hands-on knowledge of managing large-scale indoor and greenhouse facilities. Cultivating for the medical and recreational cannabis markets on the west coast, he strives to bring his experience and knowledge to the emerging Texas hemp industry. In 2018, he founded Valley Bros Hemp Co and since then has been focusing on producing indoor boutique hemp.


    Amorette Quintanilla, Co-Founder & Marketing Director

    Amorette has a BA in Psychology from St. Edwards University and has extensive experience working in the mental health field prior to starting her career in marketing and design. Already having an affinity for plants, she began her career in the cannabis industry with photography and social media marketing. She quickly fell in love with the cultivation process as well and the culture surrounding it. She is an advocate for mental health and has a passion for educating consumers about the medicinal aspects and benefits of the plant. Visit her portfolio here.


    You can find our premium hemp flower at these select local retailers:

    • Hemplication Wellness Boutique & Spa located in Old Town Spring
    • CK Naturals Dispensary located in Lake Conroe

    Press info:

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